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Dao Falls Canyoneering2024-02-28T01:45:31+00:00

About Dao Canyoneering

Dao Canyoneering is an exciting rappelling adventure nestled amidst the iconic Dao Waterfalls in the South of Cebu. The project is currently under development, with plans to launch in September 2024. Dive into this unique and thrilling experience as our professional guides commit to delivering a deeply rewarding and enriching waterfall adventure. With an emphasis on safety and ensuring every guest has an unforgettable experience, we’re eager to welcome adventurers to what promises to be a highlight of their travels.

rappeling Dao Falls
Dao Falls - Briefing
6th Rappel
Rappelling Dao Falls 30 meters
5th Rappel
Dao Falls - 6th Rappel

Rappelling Adventure

Experience the thrill of a lifetime at Dao Waterfalls, the ultimate starting point for your canyoneering escapade. Begin with a comprehensive safety briefing, then plunge into exhilarating action as you jump and rappel a breathtaking 45 meters straight into the heart of Dao Falls. As the adventure unfolds, journey downstream, navigating through captivating rappels. Our passion lies in guiding our guests to surpass their boundaries, all while ensuring an unforgettable experience! Dive in and dare to be daring with us!

Dao Waterfalls Rappeling
Dao Waterfalls Rappeling

Tour Description

Tour Begins  //  The first adventure begins at 8:30 AM and the second takes off at 1:00 PM.

Tour Duration //  Approx 4hrs

Time in Canyon //  2-3 hrs

Difficulty //  Easy to Moderate

Fitness //  Moderate

Number of Rappels //  6 (150′ / 45m highest)

Number of Jumps //  2 (13′ / 4m highest)

Minimum Age //  14

Approach //  15 Minutes    Return //  20 Minutes


Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure at Dao Fall Canyoneering Base! Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted with refreshing cold drinks, setting the tone for an exciting day ahead. After completing some quick paperwork, we’ll gear you up with all the essential canyoning equipment. Don’t worry about your belongings; we’ve got secure lockers for safekeeping.

Next up, you’ll get a thorough safety briefing before our awesome drivers whisk you away on motorcycles to the start point of your adventure. Imagine a scenic 15-minute hike through a mesmerizing jungle, leading you to the thrilling canyon. Here’s where the real fun begins!

Embrace the challenge of navigating through the canyon. Feel the rush of abseiling down majestic waterfalls and leaping into crystal-clear natural pools. Every moment is packed with heart-racing excitement and stunning natural beauty.

After an unforgettable journey through the canyon, we’ll wrap up the day with a delicious lunch. It’s the perfect way to relax and reflect on the day’s adventures. And for those needing a ride back to the main road, we’ve got you covered. Transport back is part of the package, ensuring your adventure is hassle-free from start to finish.

Please read our FAQ below.

About Dao Canyoneering

What is canyoneering and is it dangerous?2023-11-09T13:05:51+00:00

Canyoneering is a thrilling adventure sport that entails navigating through canyons or gorges by engaging in a mix of activities such as hiking, jumping, sliding, climbing, swimming, and rappelling.

As with all adventure sports, canyoneering carries inherent risks, particularly when ropes are in use. To mitigate these risks, we employ professional and experienced guides, and use EN and UIAA-certified safety equipment. We excel in conducting dynamic risk assessments and adeptly adapting to various situations and environments, ensuring safety and enjoyment. All participants are required to adhere closely to our guides’ instructions and sign an Assumption of Risk, Release of Liability & Indemnification Agreement before embarking on the activity.

Do I need to be able to swim?2023-11-02T01:03:27+00:00

Life jackets will be provided to guests who are not proficient swimmers to ensure their safety and comfort during the activity.

What is the group size?2023-11-09T12:59:27+00:00

To ensure a trip takes place, a minimum of two participants is necessary. Each group can accommodate up to 10 guests. For larger groups, please reach out to us to discuss potential group bookings.

Who can join? Do I need rappelling experience?2023-11-02T00:59:13+00:00

No prior canyoneering experience is needed, but comfort with heights is essential. This trip may not be suitable for those with a severe fear of heights. Before embarking, our guides will provide a comprehensive safety briefing and demonstration. All participants must be 14 years or older.

To partake in the tour, participants must be in good physical condition. While there’s no set weight restriction, participants should be able to fit comfortably into a climbing harness. This requires a waist measurement of 20-47″ (53-120 cm) and a leg measurement of 14-29″ (35-75 cm).

It’s vital that those with medical conditions requiring immediate attention, like significant heart issues or seizure disorders, abstain from participating.

If you rely on quick-response medications such as epi-pens, glucose for diabetes, or asthma inhalers, please bring them and inform your guides.

For everyone’s safety, those under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any impairing medication are strictly prohibited from participating.


Trip logistics and reservations.2023-11-10T09:26:23+00:00

Experience canyoning adventures at Dao Falls with our two daily excursions, available throughout the year except on holidays. Our morning session begins at 8:30 AM and the afternoon session at 1:00 PM. We welcome groups ranging from two to ten participants. To secure your spot, we recommend early booking as availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.

To book, simply check our calendar for open dates, then email us at [email protected] with your preferred time, along with the names and ages of your group members. Payment is flexible – you can pay in cash at our office or use PayPal, accepting both Visa and Mastercard. We’ll provide all necessary payment information via email. We look forward to guiding you on a memorable canyoning journey!

What do I need to wear and bring?2022-11-06T04:29:59+00:00
We ask that you do not bring valuables or anything else on the trip that you would mind getting lost, wet, or broken. We provide all technical equipment (helmet, harness, etc..) You should dress for the day’s forecasted weather and wear your swimsuit under your dry clothes. All clothing and footwear will be the client’s responsibility.
Bring with you:
  • Swimsuit
  • Pair of trainers (or you can rent water shoes from us)
  • Rashguard if you get cold quickly (water temperature is about 24-25 degree Celsius)
  • Towel and dry clothes to change after the tour
  • Suncream
  • Strap for glasses/sunglasses
  • Special dietary/food snacks
  • The medication you would normally carry on you (eg. Ventolin, Antihistamines, Insulin)
If you need prescription glasses or contact lenses, please wear them. We will take pictures and videos with Go Pro and will post them on our Facebook page.  Like our Facebook page to get notified when they are up.


What is your cancellation/refund policy?2023-11-02T00:44:00+00:00

Regardless of weather, Dao Canyoneering adventures are available 7 days a week, year-round. Should you need to adjust the timing, date, or participant count of your tour, changes can be made within 24 hours of your booking and up to 72 hours prior to the tour’s start. Safety remains our utmost priority; if severe weather causes us to cancel your trip, you’ll receive a full refund. The final call on proceeding, especially in instances of potential flash floods or other hazards, rests with our expert guides. In the event that the organizer cancels before the activity begins, participants are guaranteed a 100% refund.

Please see our Terms & Conditions for further details.

How do I get to Dao Waterfalls?2023-11-10T09:38:07+00:00

From Moalboal: Board the public Ceres Bus heading South from the bus stop. After roughly an hour’s journey, alight at the main road marked by the Dao Waterfalls sign. From this point, our motorcycle service will whisk you away to our office.

From Cebu City: Either by private car or the public Ceres Bus from the South bus terminal, make your way to the main road marked by the Dao Waterfalls sign. Once there, our motorcycle transport awaits to escort you to our premises.

Am I able to bring along my camera?2023-11-09T12:54:49+00:00

Certainly! You’re free to bring your camera, provided it’s completely waterproof. You’re welcome to use your own GoPros or cameras.

Important: Please be aware that we do not offer insurance for your cameras or electronic devices. The rugged conditions of canyoning can be tough on even the most durable camera gear, and we must inform you that we won’t be responsible for any loss or damage that your equipment might suffer while you’re on an excursion with us.

Reach out to us via email to secure your booking!

Please check our FAQ / Trip logistics and reservation.

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